The American Dance Wheels Foundation (ADF) provides great opportunities for the abled-bodied and disabled worlds to come together through movement and dance. Executive director, Melina Kremer, “always loved the brilliance of movement, the music and the partnership.” When Kremer’s daughter, Jenna, was diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia at the age of 11, the lifelong dancer realized the need for a wheelchair dancing curriculum to promote the artistry of dance and the exciting opportunities it presented for individuals in wheelchairs. She teamed up with a ballroom dance teacher and created the Wheel One, Wheelchair Ballroom and Latin Dance Curriculum. A few years later, Kremer has co-founded the non-profit organization The American Dance Wheels foundation, and has helped firmly plant the roots of social wheelchair dancing.


The organization offers a variety of classes, including Latin and ballroom dancing, and also host dance competitions at the end of the curriculum. The steps for the classes are meant for one person using a wheelchair and one standing partner. ADF offers group classes, private lessons, special performances and seminars, teacher training and programs specifically designed for schools and universities.

Accessible for All

The ADF is open to both children and adults with all ability levels, using power and manual chairs. There are also opportunities to volunteer and join the experience of competitive dancing or just social dancing. ADF’s dance program is designed for individuals, therapists, schools and universities and dance instructors.

Be sure to visit the ADF’s website for more information on how you or those you care about can get involved and become a part of this movement. Have you ever tried wheelchair dancing? Let us know about your experiences on Facebook and Twitter!

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