If you are a person who uses a wheelchair, you understand the too-often search for accessible accommodations any time you visit a new restaurant, hotel or go on vacation. We’ve written before about traveling across the United States with wheelchair accessible plans, but what happens when you just need to know if the supermarket down the street has space for wheelchair vans and wide aisles? Johnny Agar, a 22-year-old from Michigan with cerebral palsy, saw a need for an accessibility resource and created Johnny’s Pass. With the help of his family and professors at his college, Johnny’s Pass is a site for all people with mobility needs, such as wheelchair vans and the like, to refer to and help with.

Johnny’s Pass Helps with Accessible Accommodations

The Agar family started Johnny’s Pass after realizing how much of an obstacle it was to use a wheelchair at the San Diego Zoo. Hoping to alleviate their situation, they sought to create a source for people with special needs that want to have better accessible experiences wherever they go. Whether wheelchair accessible vehicles have enough clearance in the areas they go in or there are enough ramps and space for wheelchair users to maneuver, Johnny’s Pass has over 400 entries with those and other important details for wheelchair users. Anyone can contribute to the site and add details of parking, entry, restrooms, tables and overall ease of airports, museums, hotels and more.

Inspiration for Johnny’s Pass

Johnny, currently a sophomore at Aquinas College, first started the website resource years ago, but it fell by the wayside. His support system encouraged him to pursue it further and now Johnny’s Pass is well underway to being bigger and better than before. No stranger to gaining attention for doing remarkable things, Johnny has finished a 5K and creating this resource is just the latest way he is keeping his spirit strong and inspiring those around him. Johnny sees mobility vehicles and using a wheelchair as a positive and refuses to be deterred by tricky circumstances.

Contribute to Johnny’s Pass or use the resource the next time you’re looking for a wheelchair accessible place for whatever location you need. Or, send Johnny’s Pass to someone who might use it and open the door for someone to explore more places.

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