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  • Wheelchair Carriers

    wheelchair carrierWheelchair carriers come in four basic styles:

    1. Automatic car-top carrier
    2. Bumber-mounted carrier
    3. Hitch-mounted carrier
    4. Pick-up truck carrier

    The car-top carrier is an electric motor-driven hoist. A steel pin lowers, picks up a manual wheelchair, and the chair folds as it rises to the carrier. The carrier then closes. All the functions are operated by switches.



    If your vehicle needs to include a car-top carrier, it will be of utmost importance that an mobility equipment dealer examines the car before the purchase.

    Among the things the dealer will be checking are:

    1. The actual size of the roof – will the roof be able to accommodate the carrier?
    2. The make of carrier in which you are interested (i.e., is it too heavy for the car model you have chosen?)

    The second type of carrier, the bumper-mounted carrier (which is a simple carrier for a manual wheelchair) requires a number of considerations. First, the installation could get complicated if combined with a molded auto bumper. Occassionally, the bumper-mounted installation requires the mobiliy dealer to drill a couple holes into the bumper. These can be plugged, should you decide to remove the carrier later. Once more thing to consider is the accessibility of the trunk. Most of the bumper-mounted carriers can easily be removed to give access to the trunk.

    Hitch-mounted carriers are carriers that tilt down to load the wheelchair and easily tilt up to lock into place.

    There is also a pick-up truck carrier. In this type of carrier the wheelchair will have to be fold, and a lift then picks up the chair with an electric-driven motor and stores it in the bed of the truck. Keep in mind that if you need assistance to use this equipment you will need to have someone with you.

    Manufacturers of these products include: