It’s that time of year again. Get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping with our quick guide to great gifts. These presents are not only thoughtful and sought-after, they’re also incredibly practical, ensuring your loved ones with disabilities have a safe and happy holiday.

Great Gift Ideas For People With Disabilities

ABL Denim

Give someone you care about the gift of comfort. ABL Denim was designed specifically for those living with disabilities, so they’re bound to be the perfect fit for you or your loved one using a wheelchair. Price varies.

Brella Bag

Featuring hands-free convenience, the Brella Bag is a useful accessory when it comes to keeping cool, dry and shady, wherever you go. Perfect for seniors or those using wheelchairs or scooters, the Brella Bag is durable and lightweight and can be stowed in your wheelchair accessible van to ensure you are always protected form rain or the sun’s rays. $19.95

Beyond Disability: Adaptive Yoga DVD

Help those you care for stay active with this instructional, full-length seated yoga practice for people of all abilities. Renowned yogi, Matthew Sanford, shares his adaptive yoga practice and carefully showcases how to build alignment and balance, as well as relaxation, through adaptive yoga.

Audio Book Subscription

Audio book retailers, like , have made reading more accessible for everyone by providing monthly subscription plans to access their vast selection of titles. An Audible subscription allows your loved one to be able to enjoy a book of their choice without the need to flip through pages. They’ll be able to listen from their smartphone, tablet, iPod or computer, so even on a cross-country trip in the family’s handicap van, they’ll be able to take their stories with them. $14.95 per book/month

Keurig Coffee Maker

This powerful and versatile coffee maker eliminates the need to struggle with coffee canister lids, measure grounds or use coffee filters. Brewing a perfect cup of coffee is as easy as adding water, inserting your loved one’s favorite K-cup (pre-packaged for their convenience) and pressing a button.

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The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) is an advocate for mobility and accessibility for drivers with disabilities. If you need help with converting or buying a handicap accessible car, truck or van, please consider one of our mobility equipment dealers.

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