Summer’s in the air and so are new adventures. Long days, beautiful weather and great company are the perfect ingredients to an unforgettable summer season, and here are a few of our favorite accessible activities to enjoy together.

Spend Some Time in Nature

Being outside and in the sun’s warm rays can raise any mood, not to mention a kick of vitamin D. There are so many ways to enjoy the weather that are fun for everyone. If you, your partner, or both of you use a mobility vehicle, nature trails are a fantastic way to spend time with a loved one or family. Gardening is another rewarding activity that makes some people happy. Even going for a stroll around the neighborhood or deciding to eat lunch outside this time is a great way to enjoy the season and each other.

Grab Some Rays

Summertime and the beach go hand in hand. So pick a pair of sunglasses and head down to the coast for some fun in the sun. Beach accessibility is commendable throughout many of the country’s best shorelines, so finding a spot to settle down for the day (or the week!) shouldn’t be hard. Be sure to check out our Summer Travel Guide for more tips on how to make your beach trip smooth and accessible for all.

Cool Off Indoors

As beautiful as summer can be, we all know it can get hot, so staying indoors to beat the heat is also a great date option. But that doesn’t mean you can’t hit the town! Local museums, movie theaters or jazz clubs are all wonderful options for air-conditioned quality time. You could also create your own masterpiece by enjoying a night of painting. Paired with a good bottle of wine, refined refreshments and delicious treats, this can be a unique activity you can enjoy together. Plus, a finished art piece makes a great gift down the line for any relationship!

Do you have any other tips or ideas on the perfect summer date? Be sure to let us know on NMEDA Facebook and NMEDA Twitter—we want to hear your ideas!

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