Technology plays a huge role in most of our lives. From our smartphones to our laptops and even our vehicles, advances in available devices have made incredible things possible for those with disabilities or limited mobility. These are just a few of our favorite assistive gadgets to make our daily activities just a little simpler, allowing us more time to get on the road and on our next adventures.

Make Cleaning Up Easy

Vacuuming, sweeping and taking care of your home’s floors can be difficult for a person with limited mobility. Hiring a cleaning service might be a viable solution for your household, but to save money, a good alternative (or supplement) to a cleaning service is a vacuum, floor washing or window-cleaning robot. These powerful little machines take care of your floors and windows with the push of a button and can even save you a few bucks by cutting down the amount of times a cleaning crew needs to come to your house.

Eye Level Access

Not just for the tech-aficionados, Google Glass can help people take pictures, send emails or text messages, make calls and more with simple spoken commands. You can search the web hands-free with this gadget. To top it off, researchers are looking into ways this technology can help those with vision or hearing impairments.

Assistive Technology

Keeping Time

From getting to work or appointments on time to taking medications at the correct intervals, most of us need to be able to tell the time at various points throughout the day. Devices like the Bradley Watch and vibrating alarm clocks let visually or hearing impaired individuals keep track of time and make sure they’re on schedule throughout the day.

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