TAMPA, Florida (April 27, 2015) – For those who’ve wanted to get behind the wheel of a truck, but have had difficulty with their limited mobility, look no further. The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA), a non-profit member association, can lead you to a solution. Now you can tow and transport boats, campers and other gear with easy-to-install mobility modifications. Whether you are looking to purchase a new accessible truck or planning to make modifications to your existing truck, here are a few things to consider:

A popular option is the Bruno Out-Rider. It attaches to your wheelchair and swiftly lifts and transfers it to the bed of your pickup with the push of a button. This truck is ideal for those who are able to transfer from their wheelchair to the specially designed driver’s seat.

Another modification available is for individuals who are unable to transfer from their wheelchair on their own. Produced by MobilitySVM and All-Terrain Conversions, the truck’s entire driver’s (or passenger’s) side door can be altered to move outward from the vehicle, rather than swing open. A wheelchair lift is installed on the inside of the doorframe into which a driver or passenger can easily back into and be lifted and positioned in their desired position in the vehicle cabin. This type of conversion helps individuals gain independence in a convenient way.

Research is important when modifying or purchasing an accessible vehicle. Visit www.nmeda.com and find a local NMEDA dealer that best suits your needs to learn whether a wheelchair accessible truck is the best option for you.

About the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association:

Founded in 1989 as a non-profit trade association, the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) supports more than 600 mobility equipment dealers, manufacturers and driver rehabilitation specialists in the U.S. and Canada dedicated to expanding opportunities for people with disabilities. NMEDA is the sponsor of National Mobility Awareness Month each May and the Local Heroes Contest that celebrates life moving forward. For information on NMEDA, please visit www.nmeda.com, as well as Facebook and Twitter. Visit MobilityAwarenessMonth.com for the national awareness month.

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