We all have days when every traffic light is seemingly plotting against us, tasks are difficult and time is simply not on our side. On days like those, even the smallest things can seem like giant obstacles in getting through our day. The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of life, try these mood boosters to liven up your day.

Rearrange Your Surroundings

Whether it’s the way your couch faces or which side of your desk your pencil cup sits on, switching up your surroundings can help you see things in a different light. This trick is also particularly useful for those seeking a creative burst. If you’re bold, you could even try a brand new hairstyle or color!

Enjoy the Sunshine

Taking a stroll down the road or simply opening up the shades can not only brighten up your surroundings, it can also completely change your outlook. Sunshine is a proven mood booster and can dramatically improve your ability to power through your day with a happy, positive attitude.

Take a Warm Bath

There are few things more relaxing than a warm bath after a long day. Add-in some of your favorite scents, soothing music and dim lighting. If a soak in the tub isn’t convenient for you at the moment, a cup of hot tea has often been seen as “a warm bath for your insides.” Other benefits of some hot teas like green or black tea include boosting exercise endurance, reducing the risk of a heart attacks and hydration to the body. Green tea has been known to improve bone mineral density and strength.


A quiet, peaceful meditation session can soothe your worries and get you on the road to a more positive outlook. Whether you are getting ready to face the day or to get some shut-eye, a few minutes alone with your thoughts can help better prepare you for what lies ahead.

These four quick tips can help make your day more productive, not to mention a little brighter for you and those that surround you. Be sure to keep up with our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more quick tips!

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