Our hobbies have the ability to yield a positive influence by providing a healthy outlet to channel stress and employ creative abilities and resourcefulness. Assuming your interests are not harmful to your physical or mental health, the results often include an improved sense of self and boosted self-esteem from accomplishing your goals.

There are multiple art programs in place for adults living with disabilities, both internationally and domestically, held at local museums, galleries or education centers. These art programs for the disabled with minimal equipment required from participants, classes in painting, writing, knitting and sketching, offer a hobby rooted outlet in the arts with the ability to generate benefits to better a person’s daily life.

Refined Motor Skills

Hand-eye coordination improves significantly when practicing visual, sculptural or textile mediums of art. So, you’ll not only improve your Picasso impersonation, but you’ll also become a better, safer and more skilled driver of handicap accessible vehicles by improving your motor skills.

Increased Self-Confidence

Producing art on any scale rewards in ways beyond a fleeting feeling of accomplishment. Self-confidence can be drastically enhanced with the practice of any method of art, whether you’ve chosen to write stories or novels, or create colorful images with paint. Not only does completing a work of art offer a sense of pride, it also represents an investment you’ve made in yourself and a willingness to become more vulnerable with the world around you.

Method of Relaxation

Knitting and sculpture work, as well as other types of creative undertakings, can act as a vehicle for relieving stress. Time spent creating art offers an escape from taxing situations in a person’s daily life, providing a retreat from distractions and pressures. These artistic ventures can become your safe haven, your security blanket and your preferred method of dealing with less than ideal situations.

Channel for Personal Expression

Stifled creativity adds stress and feelings of discomfort to a person’s life. By channeling emotions into your art, you can freely express your thoughts, opinions, wishes and aspirations, allowing your imagination to run wild without incurring judgment.

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