Some of the most expressive, healthful, interpretive and adaptive hobbies are in the arts for the disabled. Art, in all of its forms, allows a person to be creative, not only releasing emotion in the form of painted images or written words, but also by encouraging the development of creative thinking and problem solving skills to be used in other situations. The ability to see people, objects and situations differently can greatly benefit the lives of those living with a disability.


People are often too intimidated to put a brush to canvas due to a lacking in self-confidence. Whenever you’re feeling unworthy or incapable, remember that art is a vehicle of expression and its impact is highly subjective. It is what you make of it. So, when you call something art, it simply is just that.

Creative Writing

Creating elaborate, thought out worlds, filled with characters and creatures can offer creative freedom unrivaled by other mediums. Or, you always have the option to simply write exactly what you’re feeling, using the pen to paper as your outlet. The act of getting what’s in your head onto a sheet of paper can sometimes be enough to ease stress and any internal struggle.

Knitting and Needle Crafts

Knitting and other needle crafts are proven powerful tools in relieving stress. The repetitive motions involved are even said to mimic the effects of meditation.

Sculpture and Three-Dimensional Art

Creating three-dimensional art can improve your motor skills by forcing you to calculate every movement and execute each one with extreme care and attention. The mixture of focus and creativity required for this, and all other forms of art, is largely the reason why such activities are considered excellent ways to improve your quality of life.

Whether you’re testing your ability to sling the written word and writing a short story or crafting an intimate scene with watercolor, representative of your current state of being, find the art form that speaks to you and your interests and use it to speak to the world. Benefits will surely go beyond peace of mind and reduced stress. You may even unearth some talent you never knew you had.


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