The Nominations Committee has prepared a slate of candidates for the open positions on the Board of Directors for the upcoming term.  The committee has worked diligently to prepare a slate that the membership will feel confident in and that will help NMEDA in reaching the goals outlined in our business plan.  All nominees were contacted to verify their willingness to serve on the Board of Directors. As NMEDA moves forward, it is our hope that you will consider your role in NMEDA and become actively involved in the association.

IN ADDITION: There are multiple recommended changes from the Bylaws Committee that you will also be asked to vote upon. The proposed changes are linked here for you to review prior to voting.

Voting instructions:

  • Votes will be cast online.
  • You will need to log in to the Member Portal (below) by entering your user name and password.  (Note: If you do not have your user name you may obtain it by calling (813) 264-2697.
  • Select your candidates on the form and hit “Submit”.
  • Dealer members may vote for all positions except the Associate Representative.
  • Only Associate Members may vote for the Associate Representative position.
  • After submitting your vote, you will be directed to a “thank you” page. No other confirmation will be provided to indicate you have voted. If you would like to confirm your vote, please email NMEDA at
  • Voting will end December 31, 2018.

The results will be shared in January 2019.

By direction of the Bylaws, the Nomination Committee presents the following Slate of Candidates for your vote.

NMEDA Board of Directors: (view bios)

  • Vice President: Christian Quandt (incumbent)
  • Secretary: Bill Koeblitz (incumbent)
  • Representatives at Large: (2 positions) Catherine Martin (incumbent) and Dennis Charvat (incumbent)
  • Non-Structural Equipment Manufacturer Representative: Gina Lewis (incumbent)
  • Associate Representative: Anne Hegberg (incumbent)

NMEDA Canada Board of Directors: (view bios)

  • Vice President:  Pierre Côté
  • Secretary: Joe Cyr
  • Member at Large: Hilary Brock

Proposed Bylaws Amendments:

Proposed amendments to the bylaws are available for review here. When voting the the proposed changes will be presented in groups, organized by Article number. You will have the option to approve or reject ALL changes within that Article section.