The Mobility Makeover Program

Bringing Accessibility to the Airwaves

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The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association is proud to announce our latest project in raising awareness of adaptive transportation solutions. The Mobility Makeover program will focus on the lives of a few individuals and their families, and the impact a wheelchair accessible vehicle can make.

National Mobility Awareness Month Reimagined

Over the past five years, we have celebrated National Mobility Awareness Month and given away over a dozen handicap accessible vehicles. In 2017, we are focusing our efforts on bringing mobility solutions to the masses with an hour-long TV special on the challenges faced by people with disabilities, and how we can all make a difference.

Organization-Wide Commitment

NMEDA and our over 600 members are committed to bringing people living with disabilities the mobility solutions they need to live Life Moving Forward. It’s with the help of this expansive network of NMEDA dealers, as well as our vehicle manufacturing partners, that we have been able to make the Mobility Makeover a reality.

A Nationwide Movement

You can be a part of this incredible movement by staying tuned for more details on the program, watching the show when it airs and sharing the mobility message with everyone around you.