Approximately 4 million veterans should find themselves with a little more money in their banks starting December 31, 2012. Thanks to President Obama’s signature, a 1.7 percent hike will be added to the paychecks of veterans, military retirees and survivors for the 2013 cost-of-living adjustment (COLA).

This welcomed addition to income will average an annual increase of $500 and may vary a bit depending on one’s disability rating. The bill was unanimously passed by the House back in June, and ultimately agreed upon by the Senate prior to reaching the eyes of the President. No time was wasted in ensuring this all took effect by the onset of 2013, allowing for favorable New Year to the some 4 million people involved.

If you’re struggling with ways to spend this welcomed addition to your bankroll, here are few opportunities that could start your year off right:

Whatever you decide to do with your boost in budget, don’t be afraid to treat yourself to something new, fun and maybe even a little high tech.

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