The Short Circuit is NMEDA’s weekly email to our members. It is chock-full of key industry information including compliance updates, QAP quick-hitters, mobility industry information and much more. And, starting December 7, 2017, each week it will also contain a special TEAM / NUMBER combo code, the owner of which will be the big winner of a $25 Amazon gift card!

Personalized TEAM / NUMBER combo codes were sent out to each and every NMEDA member via U.S. Mail on November 30. (If you didn’t receive yours, call the NMEDA office at 813.264.2697 to get it.)

Each week, a winning TEAM / NUMBER combo code will be announced in the Short Circuit – all you have to do is open the email and see if you’re the lucky one!





Look for this icon…

Each week, we will insert this exact icon somewhere within the weekly Short Circuit. Accompanying the icon will be that week’s TEAM / NUMBER combo code.


If you are the big winner, you MUST reply to the Short Circuit email that contains your winning TEAM / NUMBER combo code. Just reply, “I won!” Or, “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” Or words to that effect. One catch: WE MUST RECEIVE YOUR REPLY WITHIN ONE WEEK OF WHEN THE SHORT CIRCUIT EMAIL WAS ORIGINALLY SENT!

Questions? Give Doris a buzz at the NMEDA office – 813.264.2697 – she will take care of you.

Good luck and good reading!