Tips for Hosting a Memorable Paraolympics Party

The 2014 Paralympic Winter Games will be taking place in Sochi, Russia from March 7—16. What better reason to invite a few of your closest friends and family members over for a day of fun, games and thrilling entertainment? With events like alpine skiing and ice sledge hockey, the Paralympic Winter Games are bound to be a hit with even the biggest summer enthusiast. Here are some tips to throwing the perfect Paralympics party this year!

Plan Ahead
Whether you’re expecting three or thirty guests, planning in advance can make putting an event together a much less stressful ordeal. Make sure you send out invitations with plenty of notice, and any important details guests might need to know. If you are inviting guests with special accessibility needs, make sure the viewing space can accommodate everyone.

Fun Foods
Delicious treats and refreshing beverages can take any party to a totally different level. Why not have some fun with your food? Pick a theme and tailor your offerings around it or simply search your recipe books for some unique snack ideas! You could even let your guests take charge of their own plates by setting up candy or snack bars where they can customize their treats! Don’t forget folks that are vegetarians. Whatever route you decide to take, be sure you make choices available for those who might be on restricted diets or unable to eat certain ingredients.

World-Class Entertainment
Although Paralympic party entertainment can most often be found in front of a TV set, it’s easy to make sure the guests are having a blast. Trivia games and mock judging panels are popular event companions that can make guests feel like they are part of the competition.

Following these simple tips will help make your Paralympic Winter Games party a huge hit with your friends and family. You’ll share good times and laughs, make new memories and maybe even earn the title of Expert Party Planner in your circle! Be sure to check out our Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for more 2014 Paralympic Winter Games information!

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