Forget dinner and a movie. Our picks for the perfect dates this Valentine’s Day go beyond your typical outings and are sure to make for a romantic and memorable experience. Whether you have your eye on who you want to be your Valentine, or are taking your spouse or longtime partner on an adventure, here are our favorite wheelchair accessible dates to check out this year.

Art Gallery and Wine Tasting

For art aficionados, few things beat checking out the latest exhibit at your local museum or a pop-up show by an up-and- coming artist. Paired with an evening of wine tasting at a local winery or wine bar, this combination makes for a classy, inspiring date idea.

Museums and gallery spaces are normally very spacious and sparsely decorated to allow the art to shine through, making them ideal for wheelchair users to explore freely and without obstacle. While some restaurants or wine bars are more wheelchair friendly than others, you’re sure to find a romantic, accessible option for your rendezvous.

Concert and Plays

Ranging from completely free to a total splurge to see your favorite act, concerts and plays are a great way to share with a special someone. Concert venues are typically very wheelchair-friendly and it’s even likely that you will get a spot up front or maybe even get to meet the band. For your encore, why not try out that fancy cocktail spot that just opened up? Sipping on handcrafted drinks gives you a chance to get to know each other and trying unique combinations makes for a perfect icebreaker.

Bowling and Comedy Show

Ready for some fun? Whether it’s your first date or a night out with your spouse, everyone loves to laugh and a bit of healthy competition always makes for a memorable night. Bowling gives you a chance to go head-to- head with your date for your chance at bragging rights, and almost all bowling alleys have ramps available for bowlers using wheelchairs. Once the winner’s been crowned, a comedy show is the best way to lay down the rivalry and enjoy more than a few laughs together.

Brunch and Nature Trails

Don’t discount daytime dates—getting together before dark gives you and your date a chance to connect in a different environment. Grab brunch at a local hotspot you’ve been meaning to try out, and maybe a few mimosas, before heading to your favorite accessible nature trails to explore. While some trails are not wheelchair friendly, there are sure to be a number of paved walkways to discover in your city.

Make Your Own Pizza Night

Although getting dressed up and having a fancy dinner is nice every now and again, staying home can be just as romantic and fun. Plan a “make your own pizza night” at home with your special someone, complete with all the toppings you both love. The best part? Staying in your pajamas is completely acceptable, and encouraged!

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